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Door Hinges from Absolute Hardware

A black and white image of A wooden door with door hinge  black and white image of a wooden door with a hinge

Most likely found in every room of your house, workplace and wider world door hinges, provide an important operation that most of us take for granted.


A small and underestimated piece of door furniture, they effortlessly hold the entire weight of a door, are often packed full of functionality such as the ability to raise the door over carpet and can add that finishing touch to a room. 

Browse our range of Door Hinges for; fire door hinges, loose pin hinges, hinges to weld, lift off, light and strong duty - all available in a variety of materials, finishes, and sizes.

To help you make your selection we have listed a few of the types of door hinges we supply at the bottom of the page. 




Pack of 5 Pairs 75mm Left Hand Rising Butt Hinges - Zinc Plated

Product ID: 41089


75mm Left Hand Lift Off Butt Hinges - Self Colour

Product ID: 29519


Pack of 10 Pairs 75mm Light Duty Butt Hinges - Chrome Plated

Product ID: 29570


Pack of 20 Pairs 75mm Double Pressed Butt Hinges - Self Colour

Product ID: 29513






Help with Door Hinges

Butt Hinge

A common hinge made of two usually equal sized plates joined in the centre by a pin, most often used in pairs and used to hang doors. Available in various materials and finishes

Rising Butt Hinge

Like a traditional but hinge but with a spiral central pin that allows a leaf to rise up and down the pin as the hinge is opened/closed. Used to raise the door a few millimetres to clear carpet or uneven floors 

Lift Off Hinge

Like traditional butt hinge with a central pin and two leaves but the two leaves can separate, useful for interior doors when decorating as the whole door can be lifted off - usually handed

Fire Door Hinge

A butt hinge that is CE and Certifire rated as able to contribute to the structural integrity of a fire door and withstand the heat of fire for the stated times

Loose Pin Hinge

The hinge is in two separate parts joined together via a pin through the central knuckle. Useful for door removal, not recommended for external doors

Sprung Hinge

Also known as a self-closing hinge, the spring within the knuckle helps pull the door closed. Can be single or double action 




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