Essential Fire Door Ironmongery

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Effective Fire Protection Requires Essential Ironmongery

Fire Door Ironmongery

To create an effective barrier to fire not only is a specialist door required but the ironmongery too; the hardware (hinges, locks, latches) that holds the door in position needs to have specific properties to be fit for purpose.

Absolute Hardware has the fire door ironmongery you can trust; CE and Certifire rated, stainless steel deadlocks, hinges and latches.



Fire door deadlock and latch with keys fire door tubular latch

Essential Ironmongery that will ensure the door remains in a securely closed position for the designated time.

Acting as a barrier to the ingress of fire, heat and smoke allowing time critical for escape.

Strong enough to remain functional even in extreme temperatures.

Trusted to engage correctly - helping to slow the progress of fire and smoke by keeping the door closed.

Brass fire door hinge Intumescent pad image

Having a higher melting point than standard hinges, Fire Door Hinges also fit closer to the frame.

Designed to ensure the door remains attached to the frame for the designated time period, allowing for escape.

Reacting to the heat of fire the pads or sealant inflate/ swell - creating another barrier to smoke and heat.

They are to be placed in any voids between the door or door frames and ironmongery.  




Fire doors and the ironmongery that hold them in place are known as a means of Passive Fire Protection.

They do not actively stop the fire but act as a way of restricting or slowing the progress of fire, smoke, and heat allowing people to escape.

In order to effectively slow down the progress of fire and hold the door in position, fire door hinges, latches and locks must be able to withstand much higher temperatures than a standard hinge.

All our fire door ironmongery products have been thoroughly tested and marked as meeting the highest legal & safety standards in the industry: CE & Certifire.

Legally Approved Independently Accredited
Our Fire Door Hardware is CE marked - it has been assessed and legally conforms to mandatory European Healthy, Safety and Environmental Standards. To ensure our products are fit for purpose we have been accredited by certifire - an independent third party certification scheme. Known internationally as a mark of safety for fire protection products you can trust in the performance of our products.


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