Metric Threaded Bar

threaded bar being ground down on a saw


Absolute Hardware supply quality Threaded Bar at affordable prices.

Also known as threaded rod, all thread and stud - our threaded bar is made from Grade 4.8 Mild Steel finished with a zinc plating.

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a single bar of threaded bar
Mild Steel Metric Threaded Bar - Zinc Plated

Product ID: 42361


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3 Things to Consider When Selecting Threaded Bar 

Lengths of threaded bar A close up picture of  a rod of threaded bar showing pitch of the thread threaded bar diameter


300mm or 1000mm


1mm to 4.5mm


6mm to 42mm

In the below table are the sizes and pitches of the Mild Steel Grade 4.8 Threaded Bar available at Absolute hardware

Diameter Diameter (mm) Pitch (mm)
M6 6.0 1.00
M8 8.0 1.25
M10 10.0 1.50
M12 12.0 1.75
M16 16.0 2.00
M18 18.0 2.50
M20 20.0 3.00
M24 24.0 3.00
M30 30.0 3.50
M36 36.0 4.00
M42 42.0 4.50

Tip from the team - A smaller pitch can offer a stronger thread or grip which is useful for shallower holes 

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