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Quality Hinges From Absolute Hardware

Deceptive in appearance and its importance dismissed, the value of the hinge should not be underestimated in daily life.
Just think of all the doors you go through EVERYDAY…front door.. all the kitchen cupboards, the garage doors, windows & gates opened and closed.
Without the correct hinge these simple, everyday movements would not be possible or at the least would be made a lot harder.


Pack of 10 Pairs 75mm Light Duty Butt Hinges - Zinc Plated

Product ID: 29576


Pack of 10 Pairs 75mm Double Pressed Butt Hinges to Weld - Self Colour

Product ID: 29977


75mm Left Hand Lift Off Butt Hinges - Self Colour

Product ID: 29519


Pack of 5 Pairs 75mm Left Hand Rising Butt Hinges - Zinc Plated

Product ID: 41089



At Absolute Hardware we stock a large range of hinges suitable for inside the home and out, from butt hinges to strap hinges and we even stock specialist hinges that can be hard to find such as trestle hinge and cellar flap hinges.

We believe in stocking products that allow our customers to get A Job Done Right!

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A few things to consider when choosing a hinge



A few things to consider when choosing a hinge

Because the hinge is used in a wide variety of ways there are many variations (as many as 21); spring, butt, continuous – the list goes on!
They are designed, manufactured and finished with an application in mind.
This means they will have unique characteristics useful for the given situation, for example, a hard-wearing finish for external hinges.
Choosing the correct hinge, with the correct properties will ensure it does the job you need for as long as you need it.


Certifire Logo

Galvanised for Outdoor: Prevents rusting by applying a protective layer of zinc on steel and iron

Zinc for Appearance: Resistant to rust but with a shiny appearance

Self-Colour for Choice: Untreated allowing for the customer to apply finish to suit application or décor

Left, or Right?

Does your door open in or out?

If the door opens away from you and the hinge is to be on the left, then use a left-handed rising butt hinge.

If the hinge is to be on the right, then a right-handed hinge will be required.

Hinges can be in full view or low profile and hidden from sight or a mixture of the two.

Decorative hinge - aesthetically pleasing in shape or finish, can also be functional

Semi-concealed - commonly used in face framed cabinets 

Concealed - not visible to the eye, hidden on the inside of the door, cabinet etc

Do you require a specialist hinge?  

Does it need to be stronger to hold a heavy or larger than average door?

Fire Resistant?

Self-Closing or Soft Close?


At Absolute Hardware, we understand you may not know what hinge you need until you need it!

Below we have listed a few of the most common hinges with images to help you identify the right hinge for the job.

If you still can’t see what you are looking for then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0121 728 9789 and a member of staff can advise.


Bolts on to wooden gates and posts - Commonly found in fields 

Available in sets with all the ironmongery required; hinges, bolts, hooks on plate etc

Designed for lighter weight doors or lids they are surface mounted, so do not require morticing

Comprised of different size leaves, when closed the smaller leaf will sit inside the larger

CE and Certifire accredited as Essential Ironmongery for use with fire doors

Proven performance in extreme temperatures to ensure door integrity 


A variation of the traditional Butt Hinge. made up of two parts that rotate up and down the pin as the door is opened

Used to raise internal doors a few millimetres to clear carpet, ensuring a smooth opening

Also known as the A Hinge

Commonly found on step ladders and made of cast iron

Designed for heavy-duty applications - with long, broad leaves to support larger, weightier doors & gates

Also available in light duty which will have a smaller length leaf and cranked options for use when the gate or door is not flush to the post

Finish Direction
Galvanised for outdoor use
Zinc Plated for appearance
Self Colour for choice
Left or Right hand?

Does the door open towards you or away from you?
Certifire Logo
Visibility Special Features
Decorative? Concealed? Semi Concealed? Suitable for fire doors? Self-Closing? Soft Close?


Absolute Hardware trade exclusively Online and believe in offering a variety of delivery options to best fit in with our customer's busy schedules  

See below for the most popular choices or click on the image for more information

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